Artist of the Week

Congratulations to Kaelyn S. (Art 10) for her Zentangle name design.

Congratulations to Kaelyn S. (Art 10) for her Zentangle name design.



Grade 12 Information

Grade 12 students and parents can get information for Grade 12 and Facey Grad 2017 on their phone or computer. Open your web browser and go to If you don't have smartphone and want text notifications, text the message @4eb7c7 to (587) 409-2986.

Updating Your PowerSchool Information

During the first week of school, families received a PowerSchool Correction Form for each student enrolled in Bev Facey Community High School. The form ensures the school has the most up-to-date information regarding each of its students. Please review it carefully and make sure all the information is correct. If any changes need to be made, please update the form and add any new details you think are necessary.

If you have any technical questions regarding PowerSchool, please contact the school office at 780-467-0044. Thank you for your assistance.

PowerSchool Portal Access

To get live information on student attendance and achievement or to pay your school fees please sign in to the PowerSchool portal by clicking HERE. You will be prompted to create an account if you have not previously created one. Please contact the school for information on how to create a PowerSchool account.

Pay School Fees Online

School fee information for the 2016–2017 school year will be available on the PowerSchool Parent Portal by Sept. 19, 2016. All fees are due within 30 days of being posted. To access your fee information, simply login to your PowerSchool Parent Portal account ( and click the tab entitled, “Student Fees.” Once logged in, you will be able to view and pay fees online using Visa, MasterCard or INTERAC Online (if available from your financial institution).

Remember to regularly login to your PowerSchool Parent Portal throughout the year. Fees are often added to your child’s account to cover the cost of various school activities including field trips, class projects, athletic-team fees, and more. Additionally, junior high and senior high fees can change as courses are added and deleted. The deadline for student requested course changes is September 2, 2016 with the change reflected on the school fees.  Fees are available for viewing September 12, 2016

For more information about school fees and payment deadlines visit Alternatively, you can contact Suzanne Cleet at 780-467-0044.

Daily Attendance

Lates or Absences

If your child is going to be away from school please contact the school or click here to email Mrs. Radke.  Thank you.

No Student Drop Off Times

The bus loop is not allowed to be used for student drop off during the times of 8:15am to 8:45am and 3:00pm to 3:30pm otherwise you will be ticketed. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Sync the School Calendar to Your Personal Calendar

Did you know you can sync the school calendar to your own personal calendar? Just visit and click on one of the following calendar options you want to subscribe to:

  • Add to Google Calendar
  • Subscribe to Calendar (Outlook)
  • Download iCal

NOTE: Using a mobile device, these options are located above the calendar. Using a computer, these options are located below the calendar.

Once you click on the calendar option you want to subscribe to, simply follow the instructions that appear on your computer screen or mobile device. Within seconds, your personal calendar will contain all of Bev Facey Community High School's important dates including holidays, school-closure dates, school activities and events, and more.


New to Elk Island Public Schools: Tools to enhance literacy and numeracy

As part Elk Island Public Schools’ (EIPS) ongoing efforts to enhance the literacy and numeracy of students in all grade levels, the Division is introducing two new assessment tools during the 2016–2017 school year—STAR 360 and Math Intervention/Programming Instrument (MIPI). The assessments focus on literacy and numeracy, are digitally based and offer an opportunity for students to show their learning in ways not possible with paper-based tests. The goal is to provide timely information to teachers, help enhance classroom instruction and ensure all student learning needs are identified.

In September and May, EIPS students in grades 2 through 12 will complete the STAR 360 assessment, which evaluates reading comprehension. Grade 1 students will take the STAR 360 exam in February. The assessment takes approximately 20 minutes and can be taken on any digital device. Also in September, students in grades 2 through 10 will take the MIPI assessment, which is a mathematic screening tool used to inform teachers about a student’s math skills. For students in grades 7 through 10, the MIPI takes approximately 50 minutes to complete and for students in grades 2 through 6 it takes approximately 20 minutes. The results of each assessment give the teacher a clearer picture of a student’s learning needs and help determine if any subsequent instructional planning is needed.

It’s important to note, the results of the assessments will not be used towards a student’s grade and there is no need to study ahead of time. The assessment tools simply provide information to the teacher so he or she can better understand where each student is in terms of reading comprehension and mathematic ability. If, after analyzing the results, it’s determined a student can benefit from extra support, the teacher will contact the parent or guardian to discuss possible strategies to be used to better support students.

Should you require more information about the Division’s STAR 360 and MIPI assessment tools, please contact Deb Barron, the director of Learning Supports, at 780-417-8160.

Quick Fact: Student Transportation

All Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) buses are equipped with video surveillance equipment. The equipment helps to ensure the safety of all students, drivers and property; to deter destructive acts and is in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP). The video surveillance equipment records and stores several days’ worth of data. Both video and audio recordings are regularly reviewed by EIPS Student Transportation to help monitor student and driver conduct, and may be used as evidence in a disciplinary matter.

For more information about the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information, please contact the EIPS FOIP co-ordinator at 780-417-8266.

Improving Home-School Communication

To enhance communication between families and schools, Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) has created a manual entitled, “Communication Protocol for Schools.” The manual provides a framework for communication between EIPS schools and its families, and includes a standard format, structure and sequence for regular and ongoing home-school communication within the Division. It also offers useful tools and resources schools can use when planning their communication efforts, such as face-to-face meetings, email, Synrevoice and social media. Additionally, the manual provides a process parents or guardians can use if they need to bring forward a question or concern.

Bev Facey Community High School encourages all our families to review the document. The “Communication Protocol for Schools” is available by visiting

Your Future: It’s a Matter of Choice

Your Future: It’s a Matter of Choice is Elk Island Public Schools’ (EIPS) annual post-secondary and career event that brings together colleges, universities, technical- and private-vocational schools, and career displayers from around the country.

The 2016 Your Future: It’s a Matter of Choice career fair is free and open to all EIPS students in grades 9 through 12. Students and their parents/guardians will have the opportunity to talk to and ask questions of potential post-secondary institutions, browse booths, examine future career trends, determine high school requirements for specific programs and so much more.

Event Details

Date:       Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016
Time:       6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Location:   Holiday Inn Conference Centre of Sherwood Park (Second Floor; 2100 Premier Way; Sherwood Park)

Your Future: It’s a Matter of Choice is co-ordinated in conjunction with the Educational Liaison Association of Alberta and is one of the largest events of its kind in Alberta.

Castle Rock Study Guides

We at Castle Rock Research very much value our strong relationship with Bev Facey High School and the extended parent community. For the new school year, we appreciate having the opportunity to work with school administration to improve the ordering and delivery process for our resources. As such, we have implemented a new procedure for orders from Bev Facey families. Orders may now be placed online at

Castle Rock Research provides educational discounts for school purchases (retail price is $29.95) and will ensure that parents ordering online will get the preferred school pricing. Please note that the portal will be available only until October 15th, 2016 so orders may be placed at any time prior to this closing date. Castle Rock Research will individually package, aggregate, and deliver orders to Bev Facey’s main campus for distribution. All orders placed by October 15th, 2016 will be shipped on October 15th, 2016. Castle Rock will also be at Parent Student Teacher Interviews on October 20.

The following resources are being provided for purchase:

The KEY Study Guides - Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies courses across grades 3 to 12. These guides are ideal for review and assessment preparation and feature questions from past Diploma exams and Provincial Achievement Tests, where applicable. The correct answers and detailed solutions for questions are also provided.

Student Notes and Problems (SNAP) Workbooks – Instructional content, practice exercises, and unit assessments covering the breadth and depth of select Science and Mathematics courses.

Problem Solved – All of the questions from the respective SNAP books are presented along with the detailed solutions.

Class Notes – An excerpt of each SNAP workbook that focuses students on the explanatory notes for each topic.

With each print resource purchased, you will receive a link to receive a FREE SOLARO course. This link will be sent directly to you within one day of purchasing a print resource. This program is available only when purchasing through the Bev Facey online school order site.

SOLARO – A digital resource that is web or mobile (iOS, Android, and Windows) enabled and 100% aligned to the curriculum outcomes for each course. Students get unlimited access to robust online content for all of the courses offered in print, with content that spans the SNAP workbooks and the year-end assessments found in The KEY Study Guides. SOLARO is also offered for 20 other courses that are only available digitally.

As always, we thank you for your support. The Castle Rock Research Team.

Literacy and Learning Day

The 14th annual Literacy and Learning Day Conference takes place on Oct. 22, 2016 at the Edmonton Expo Centre. The event is a fun-filled day for both parents and teachers, and includes various free workshops and keynote speakers. Participants are guaranteed to walk away with new strategies, tools and resources to support children as they grow and learn. The conference is free and everyone is welcome. For more information, or to register, visit

Measles Immunization Reminder

Alberta Health Services (AHS) advises persons who attend, work or volunteer at schools are at risk of getting measles. Lack of measles immunization can mean possible exclusion from work or school when there is a school measles exposure. Contact your local Public Health Centre to receive the measles vaccine or check immunization records. For more information please see the attached measles immunization letter from AHS.

Head Lice

REMINDER: Make head checks for lice a regular routine!

As many of you are aware, head lice are tiny, greyish brown insects that live on the scalp and lay their eggs, or nits, in the hair close to the scalp. Anyone can get lice and they are commonly detected on school-aged children—itching is the main complaint. As such, head lice can appear in school communities at any time.

While head lice prevention and control is primarily the responsibility of the parent, the handling of it is a shared responsibility between the parent/guardian, school and community. To prevent the spread of head lice, we strongly encourage you to speak to your child about preventative behaviour such as avoiding head-to-head contact and not sharing combs, hats, pillows and hair accessories. We also ask you to check your child’s hair weekly for any signs of head lice or nits. If your child has head lice, notify the school, treat the lice using both a treatment solution and lice comb and keep your child home until all signs of active head lice are gone. The school will support you by working discreetly with the teacher, students and families to prevent further transmission.

For more information about head lice prevention and treatment, visit Alternatively, you can contact the school at 780-467-0044

Literacy and Learning Day

The 14th annual Literacy and Learning Day Conference takes place on Oct. 22, 2016 at the Edmonton Expo Centre. The event is a fun-filled day for both parents and teachers, and includes various free workshops and keynote speakers. Participants are guaranteed to walk away with new strategies, tools and resources to support children as they grow and learn. The conference is free and everyone is welcome. For more information, or to register, visit

No Child Without: Free MedicAlert for students

In our ongoing effort to provide safe and caring schools for our students, Bev Facey Community High School is once again participating in the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation’s No Child Without program. The program is a national initiative that provides children—between the ages four of 14—who have chronic health conditions with MedicAlert services, at no cost. The goal is twofold: to help children with severe allergies, medical conditions or special needs and to assist schools with medical-emergency plans for students.

Once a child is registered, their school is provided with advice on a medical-emergency plan for that student and given a list of medications, allergies and medical conditions the student has. If your child has a serious medical condition or allergy and would benefit from MedicAlert services, please contact the school office at 780-467-0044.  To learn more about the No Child Without program visit

Read in Week takes place October 3-7

Read In Week 2016 returns on October 3-7. The theme for this year is One world, Many Voices, which focuses on the stories of other people. Through various activities, students will spend the week learning how stories have the power to teach lessons, broaden perspectives and foster empathy.

Read In Week is an annual division-wide initiative that promotes a lifelong love of reading in students and enhances literacy awareness among students, staff, parents and community members. We invite all our families to participate in Read In Week with us either by reading yourself, with your child or with someone in the community.

And, don’t forget to share what you’ve learned throughout the week using the hashtag #eipsreads. We hope you discover some amazing stories.

School Bus Safety Week: October 17–21

Schools throughout Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) are celebrating School Bus Safety Week October 17–21. The theme: Know the Zone, which is all about teaching children the danger areas surrounding the bus. Throughout the week, various activities are planned including information sessions, bus safety lesson plans, and bus-evacuations drills.

As part of School Bus Safety week, we’d like to remind our students and our families all EIPS school buses are equipped with both a bus-pass scanner and GPS technology, which allows Student Transportation to better monitor and manage its more than 170 buses and 600 bus routes. Thanks to this technology, parents and students also have access to the Versatrans My Stop app, a mobile tool to help determine the location of a bus, projected arrival times and when a child scanned onto a bus.

More information about School Bus Safety Week and EIPS Student Transportation services can be found by visiting or by contacting Student Transportation (780-417-8151, directly.

Celebrating World Teachers’ Day: October 5

October 5 is World Teachers’ Day! Launched in 1994 by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), World Teachers’ Day is celebrated annually around the world as a way to recognize teachers and the integral role they play in providing quality education to students. On October 5, Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) encourages all of its students, parents and community members to show their appreciation for their teachers and the positive impact they make on our lives.

EIPS extends its heartfelt thank you to all its teachers for their dedication, hard work, and commitment in guiding and educating our students through their Kindergarten to Grade 12 years.

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