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High School Redesign Bell Schedule

Redesign officially starts January 31, 2018

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High School ReDesign Information

Below is an outline of our potential redesign initiative.

Our first component is a student-teacher advisory period. This class would meet once per week for about 40 minutes. The main purpose of this time is for the advisor to support each student in staying on track with their goals, engage in school wide character education programming and work on community based initiatives to support citizenship.

The second aspect is focused on personalized learning time. Students would be given the opportunity during a 40 minute period to choose a learning opportunity at the start their day followed by regularly scheduled classes of 73 minutes.  The student would be empowered to select from a number of staff generated options.  Students could decide to attend a session in which they require additional support.  Many students may choose to spend this time in self-directed study.  Other students may wish to enrich their learning with an exploration of something new the school has to offer.  In all cases staff will be actively engaged in supporting student choice.  A teacher may even require that a student attend a session if they have fallen behind. 

The final possible redesign initiative would be to shorten general instruction every Wednesday. Students would be dismissed at 2:17. This would increase time for staff to collaborate and plan for both advisory period and personalized learning time.  In addition, this time on Wednesday afternoon would be available for students to rewrite assessments and complete class work.

High School Redesign FAQ

What is ‘High School Redesign’ and why is Bev Facey doing it?

Not all students learn the same way or at the same rate of progress in all subjects. Up until this point, we’ve been sticking to a fairly rigid, prescribed schedule that doesn’t allow for a lot of personalization. The model of high school redesign that Bev Facey is introducing has many aspects that will improve the learning experience for our students and help them better prepare for life after graduation.  The keys for redesign are to begin initiatives that will further engage students, ensure high levels of achievement and improve teaching.  The programming change within our timetable should be able to impact these three keys. 

At Bev Facey, we will be changing our programming in the following ways:

  • Classes will run as scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • On Wednesdays, classes will be slightly shorter, with a 40 min time set aside for students to attend an advisory session. In these sessions, the teacher and advisory group will work together on citizenship and character education programming. The teacher will also support students by being an advocate and ensuring that all students are aware of their path to graduation and assisting in transitions between grades and beyond high school. The students will develop a close working relationship with a teacher who will act as their guide throughout the year. In addition, they will plan out their PLT times in order to make the best possible use of them each week.
  • Each Wednesday will also be an early out day with the last class ending 2:17. The first Wednesday will remain staff meeting day.  The other Wednesdays will provide students with time to write missed assessments and rewrite assessments.  Staff not supporting students with assessments will use the time to collaborate on improving teaching practises.  Students not writing an assessment may leave the building or remain in quiet private study.
  • On Thursdays and Fridays, the timetables shifts and students will have a 40 minute morning timeslot dedicated to personal learning time (PLT). During this time slot, students can access additional help with subjects they find challenging, work on specific projects or assignments, dig deeper into course material, sample different options in which they may be interested, or simply dedicate the time to extra studying. Staff will determine which PLT’s are offered for each session, they will vary depending on the needs of the students.

How will this impact my child’s program?

The new programming format will give students the chance to focus time where it makes the most sense – and to learn in a way that best suits their personal style/strengths.  Each student will develop a relationship with a teacher who will come to understand the student’s goals in terms of academics and career choices, with a view to focusing their efforts in the areas with which assistance may be required.


Will my child still graduate with all of the credits needed for a high school diploma/to get into post-secondary?

High school redesign is intended to enhance student success – administrators and teachers will be working closely with students to ensure they are able to graduate and achieve their goals moving forward.

Will my child be able to get help in subjects that are more difficult for him/her?

Yes – and they will be able to get that assistance during school time. The personalized learning times set aside on Thursdays and Fridays will give students a chance to seek teacher and peer assistance in subjects that may pose a challenge.

If the schedule is changed, when will my child be attending school?

Students will continue to attend school as per the regular schedule.  With the opportunity to leave school early on Wednesday or engage in further assessment or individual study time.  Bussed students may stay at school and work in private study.  Our PLACE program students schedule will not change as a result of redesign. 

Will attendance be mandatory for advisory and PLT periods?

Attendance will be mandatory for all students for Advisory period. All Grade 10s and 11s will be required to attend Personalized Learning Time.  We have empowered Grade 12's to choose what they will do with Personalized Learning Time.   We will only make it mandatory if they are requested by their teachers (due to falling behind in the class) to attend a session.