School Parent Council

School Councils were formed to support the school and provide the opportunity to advise the principal and school board on any matters relating to the school and education.

Our School Council is made up of interested parents, the principal, a teacher and a student. All parents of students attending Bev Facey are members of the School Council. As a parent, you are always invited to attend any meeting. We are a fairly informal group who meet once a month to discuss school issues.

At every meeting, parents have the opportunity to hear reports from the school administration, student representative, and committee of school councils' representative as well as a report from the school board trustee assigned to our school. Parent participation is encouraged and there is usually lively discussion on a wide range of topics.

There isn't any fundraising done by our School Council!  According to the School Council Regulation we are to be given the opportunity to provide advice on the development of the school's mission, vision, and philosophy; policies; annual education plan; annual results report and the budget.

School Council Overview/How to Stay Connected/FAQ :  BFH School Council 2016-2017


School Council Executive 2016-2017

Chairperson: Sandy Stor
Vice Chairperson:  Michelle Dugan
Secretary:  Susan Ballash
Members at large:
Lisa Clamp
Cara Brandse/Leah Hesson
Carol Reivonen 


Upcoming Meeting Dates for 2016-17

School council meetings are open to all parents of Bev Facey to attend.  Our monthly meetings are held in the Library starting at 6:30 pm.  Regular attendance isn't required.

Click here for Parent Council Meeting Dates for 2016-2017

NOTE:  Dates are tentative and can change if the Chairperson and the Principal determine that it is necessary for the meeting date to be changed.


2016/2017 Parent School Council

Meeting Date Agendas Minutes Drafts/Reports
Sept BEV FACEY SCHOOL COUNCIL AND AGM AGENDA  Bev Facey Council & AGM – September 20, 2016  
October  October 11 agenda  Bev Facey Council & AGM – October 11, 2016  
November  AGENDA – NOVEMBER 8, 2016  November 2016 Parent Council Minutes  
January  Agenda - January 17, 2017  Bev Facey Council Minutes January 2017  
February  February 2017 Agenda  Bev Facey Council February 2017  
March  BEV FACEY SCHOOL COUNCIL AGENDA – MARCH 14, 2017  Council Minutes March 2017  
April    Council Minutes April 18, 2017  
May  School Council Agenda May 9, 2017  

 Bev Facey Council Minutes May 2017

Trustee Report

June Agenda Minutes  


School Council Resource Guide

ASCA recently released the latest edition of the . The revamped guide is now a 20-page electronic document and features more than 40 embedded links offering tips and know-how for school council groups.


To Access this document, please click here.