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Our Creative Music program is proud to be finalists in the National CBC Music Class contest that features music programs from across Canada.   We welcome your support in this contest, please like and share our music video that we submitted.   Thanks for the support of our youth and their music!

Creative Music Info - Rock Band, Songwriting and Audio Engineering

Creative Music Program

Our popular music program has expanded greatly over the past 6 years and now comprises 3 different streams. Many students take our classes throughout high school and have the opportunity to work with some of Alberta's top musicians, learn to write their own popular music and go into the recording studio for a professional result.  Our program is involved in 15-20 events and shows per year in a variety of events, some volunteer and some paid.

Rock & Pop 15,25,35
Rock Band Class offered at 3 levels for musicians with min. 2 years experience on guitar, piano, bass, drums, vocals.
Students focus on instrument technique and learning to play and perform for several shows in rock bands.
Experienced musicians form bands that may rehearse and play together throughout high school.  
See our YouTube channel for clips of performances from our 20+ performances each year. 

Singer-Songwriter (General Music) 10,20,30
Acoustic class learning acoustic pop music covers of the student's choice, vocals and performance techniques and music skills.
After students learn to play with our musicians we explore songwriting and give an outlet for creative expression through songwriting techniques.  Students have a chance to showcase their original songwriting and receive feedback from professional songwriters through a variety of professional workshops and shows.    

Audio Engineering
Students in this program work closely with our musicians and gain expertise in running live sound, recording and music video projects with our new Behringer digital sound board.  Students get to work on the latest state-of-the-art software and sound equipment including recording standard ProTools.  Opportunities for volunteer and work experience doing live sound for theatre and music shows in the Edmonton are possible for strong and keen students.  An Edmonton audio engineer coaches our students once a month and shares industry tips and information. 

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What is unique about Facey Music?  
Facey Music is the largest high school music program in EIPS and one of the most innovative music programs in Alberta. Our programs are designed with students’ passion, creativity, and interests in mind. We offer outstanding Band and Jazz programs with a tradition of excellence, as well as programs for exploring and creating pop and rock music through our unique Creative Music program.  Our band programs rehearse, perform and participate in tours to a variety of locations.   Students have the opportunity to audition for The Blue Tones, Facey's main jazz ensemble.

Our Creative Music programs encourages students to learn new musical skils and express themselves through their music.   The focus is on pop/rock/indie music.   Students learn to write their own songs, learn cover tunes of their favorite artists, perform in a professional concert setting at Festival Place and also record their music. 

Facey Music offers:
• Inspiring concerts in professional venues;
• Performance opportunities for corporate, district, government, district, and school events; 
• Dynamic band programs with a focus on instrumental skills and outstanding performances;
• Innovative Creative Music programs focused on pop/rock/indie and acoustic music;
• Song-writing and recording sessions with professionals;
• Digital music creation with up-to-the-minute music software;
• The chance to build and strengthen friendships on music trips and retreats;
• Exciting tours (including Disneyland, New York and Whistler); and
• Leadership, community service and mentorship opportunities.

Facey Band Program

Facey Bands have an impressive history. Since 1988 the program has provided students with remarkable experiences and outstanding achievements in Concert Band and Jazz Ensembles. Over the years, these young musicians have toured across Canada; from Vancouver to Ottawa and into the United States to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Some of their significant accomplishments include:
 •Concert Band Grand Champion at Great Northwest Music Festival, Vancouver
 •First Place Jazz Band at Great Northwest Music Festival, Vancouver
 •First Place Concert Band at Great Northwest Music Festival, Vancouver
 •Festival Canada, Banff
 •National Finals at Festival Canada, Ottawa
 •National Finals at Festival Canada, Calgary
 •Disney Magic Music Days, Anaheim, California
 •Vancouver Heritage Festival
 •San Francisco Heritage Festival

Facey Bands continue to expand as students are exposed to a variety of genres, workshops, performance opportunities, festivals and band tours.

Facey Music Photo Album

Facey Music's online photo album features our events, trips and concerts from the past four years. Come celebrate the joy of music with us!  Visit us at

Concert and Jazz Band-Motown